Regular Account Charges

  1. The cost to subscribe for a Regular account is $11.95 per month, per user, for unlimited use.

  2. Billing is based on a calendar month and is NOT PRORATED!!!

  3. There is a charge of $0.50 for each page printed. This is the same cost for copying a page in the courthouse.

  4. You have the option of submitting UCC Certified Search requests online. When accounts are created, this service is NOT turned on by default. If your account is not configured for Certified Search access, the Master User can grant access by going to "Account Management" and clicking "Manage My Users." Select the user you want to have access to certified searching. In the "Applications to Access" section, check "Certified Searches" and press submit. If you select the Certified Searches service, there is no additional monthly account charge. However, the charge for a Certified Search is $10.00 per debtor name.

  5. All monthly charges will arrive in one consolidated invoice around the middle of the month. For details, please read the Site Terms and Conditions carefully.

  6. If you are doing Certified Searches ONLY, when you set up a Regular account and select ONLY the checkbox for Certified Searches (NOT Statewide Real Estate and UCC Indexes) you will NOT be charged a monthly fee. You will, however, be charged $10 per debtor name search. If at any time you edit your account to allow Statewide Real Estate and UCC Indexes, you WILL BE charged the monthly $11.95 charge.

  7. You have the option to receive your bill one of two ways.
        A. Via E-Mail
        B. Via Postal Mail

  8. A $2.00 handling fee will be added for customers who choose to receive their bill via postal mail.

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